About Us

Constantly on the go with hectic lifestyles and busy schedules we understand the time-consuming pain of sending money abroad.

CoinFling was designed with you in mind. With CoinFling’s mobile app you can send money from anywhere within minutes - securely and affordably.

Using CoinFling’s app, a person in one country can quickly send cash to their loved ones abroad. The receiver, who already has a registered account on their mobile phones or “mobile wallet”, can then simply cash the electronic funds from their mobile wallet in one of the thousands of conveniently located cash collection points, or even pay bills or purchase groceries directly from their mobile wallet. For receivers that do not have a mobile wallet, CoinFling offers cash pickups from one of many conveniently located partner branches.

We have cut out all hassle of sending money overseas and by partnering with secure mobile wallet operators in receiver countries we have lowered our costs. This means cheap, hassle-free, safe money transfers for our customers.

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The Team

CoinFling's service was designed and built by some of the most talented business and engineering individuals from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Zillow. The management team is committed to providing you with a safe, secure, and convenient way to send money. We are constantly working to improve our service and we look forward to your feedback.

Our Story